No.1 Pick Anthony Davis New Orleans Hornets


Comparison: Chris Bosh

Ceiling: Kevin Garnett

Floor: Serge Ibaka

Rating: 83

Potential: A


Strength: Outstanding Shot Blocker, Athleticism,  Solid Fundamentals, Great Motor

This is a consensus pick at No.1. Everybody has their eye on Davis. He is a monster shot blocker at college level, covering so much ground using his length and lateral quickness. Standing at 6-10, former Kentucky Wildcats has a freakish 7’6 wingspan, averaging over 5 blocks a game and is literally a defensive nightmare for his opponents. I really think he is a better overall defensive player than Serge Ibaka because of his willingness to help on D and ability to recover.

While his prowess at the defensive end is very much revealed, he has yet to develop a offensive game. He has show signs of promise on offense with his quickness, dribbling ability, steady shooting stroke and freaky long arms. With his work ethic, one would be assured that he can develop a solid post up game and mid-range jumper, something that one of the league all star Chris Bosh possesses. The reason I make such comparison is that they have similar body frame, quick feet and dribbling ability, which makes them gifted at the offensive end. Obviously, Davis is a better shot blocker already. Plus, he has shown glimpses of a young KG in his short college career, running the offense in transition and finding guys using his superior length and vision. Not saying he is going to be that good, I think he has a chance to head that direction.


How he fit in: Natural PF but can fill the void at 3/4/5

No-brainer for Hornets, Anthony Davis fit right in their long-term rebuilding plan. While I do not like their other pick(I will get to that later). Him, Eric Gordon, Jarrett Jack and other folks should be a fun team to watch in the coming season, and a force if they continue to draft well or hit some home runs in free agency. Davis’ arrival has made Big Easy a desirable destination for young free agents. If he lives up to expectation, I seriously think marquee free agents will make some wise choice to come along.


Weakness: Body Strength, Post game

There is some knocks on Davis as well, but so much. Experts agree in the sense that he is a sure thing at the defensive end, but some lingering question about his strength and whether he can box out much stronger NBA bodies are yet to see. Adding more weight seems to hurt his lateral quickness, which makes him a unique player. He will probably never get as strong as Dwight Howard, but down the road, he should be molded as a Kevin Garnett. If that turns out to be true, Hornets are in a very good place.



Offense: B-

Defense: A

Athleticism: A

Personality: A