No.2 Pick Michael Kidd-GilChrist Charlotte Bobcats

Comparison: Andre Iguodala

Ceiling: James Worthy

Floor: Gerald Wallace

Potential: A-

Overall: 78

Strength: Second-to-None Motor, On-Ball Defense, Athleticism

I am in relief for Bobcats fan because MJ did not continue his wild draft selection with someone named Andre Dummond. MKG is a sure thing. He competes every night, and as Jay Bilas quote “you can’t teach relentless”. He is the definition of that. You turn on TV to watch Davis, but you may end up falling in love with MKG.  One of my favorite player, he always has the edge to get better and his work ethics is off the charts.Enough said about his motor, his on-ball defense is very impressive and stands out in this Kentucky team. He is willing to take the hardest defensive assignment, and lock down the most lethal scorer/ballhandler on the opponent’s end. He did that very well. Other than that, he has a very good transition game. Going into the fast break and finish is his usual way to get buckets. All of those reminds me of Andre Iguodala. MKG is almost there minus Iggy’s court vision, and Gerald Wallace is a more realistic comparison right here. I refuse to project MKG will be any worse than Wallace because of his motor, age and foreseeable potential, but rather I prefer James Worthy comparison than Scottie Pippen. Scottie is a point forward; MKG is more of a team player. Worthy does not dribble a lot and gets it done in the post thanks to his length and soft touch. MKG is just as smooth and can eventually develop a post game like Worthy did.

How he fits in: Wing Player runs the floor and defends, Culture changer

It is easy; Bobcats need any help they can get at wing positions. The trade swap Maggette for Ben Gordon makes room for MKG to start right away, but the bigger thing than on-court production is his leadership. He would help change the losing culture of this despicable team from last year. I am not saying the Bobcats would have the kind of camaraderie that Kentucky has, but a leader is a leader. He is just beyond impressive in that regard. MJ selected an ultimate competitor in MKG, and I expect it to pay off big time.

Weakness:  Shooting, Raw Offensive Game, Ability to create shots

I know. I know. His shooting strokes look horrible, but he is shooting at an acceptable percentage. If he go for James Worthy mode, he does not really need to shoot all that well. His length and strength in the post can put his game in another level. He does not dribble a lot, but he is a good penetration guy. Quick first step and change of speed are two things that can do him good at the NBA level.He will eventually figure it out. He is so young, and future holds bright.


Offense: C

Defense: A-

Athleticism: A-

Personality: A