No.3 Pick Bradley Beal Washington Wizards

Comparison: J.R.Smith

Ceiling: Eric Gordon

Floor: Rashad McCants

Potential: B+

Overall: 73


Strength: Good Shooter coming off the screen and off dribble. Play under control. Willing Defender

He is 6-4, sweet-shooting undersized shooting guard. He is taller than D-wade! No, he is not going to be any of that. Comparison to Ray Allen makes me wonder what those scouts were hallucinating every day. He has a very good shooting stroke and release, but not as quick and high as Sugar Ray. At the next level, with his length, he might have some problems getting the shot off at will. However, he is in a typical combo 2-guard mode that NBA has coveted. I like the idea of a Eric Gordon, who has very similar skill sets and shoots well particularly. He can be a J.R.Smith right now, providing some firepower for the Wizards who desperately needs any kind of shooting. Good thing is he plays under control and very coachable.


How he fits in: 2-guard who can shoot and stretch the floor

It is a no-brainer for Wizards as well. They need a shooting guard, and they get the best available player they think that is left on the board. Brad Beal will be the starting back court mate with John Wall right away. Very good complementary backcourt combo in Washington, if both play their role and executes. He will be a starter for couple years, and then it all depends on  whether he develops into a Eric Gordon or an average shooting two-guard. With a lineup of Wall-Beal-Ariza-Nene-Okafor, they are a legitimate playoff contender in the coming season.


Weakness: Ball Handling, Penetration Game, Size, Struggle when he does not shoot well(one-dimenional)

I am sorry he is no D Wade or Ray Allen. Remember Rashad McCants? Sweet shooting undersized two guard who is expected to be a combo guard at the next level. Elite Athlete? The truth is he is not that athletic and his dribbling ability has been a big question mark. Watching closely at Beal, you can see his game is very dependent on his shooting. When the shots are not falling, he struggled to contribute on other ways at Florida. You see him doing tear drop often times after being forced to pick up the dribble. He is not particularly fast on the first step, not good at changing speed and direction when he penetrates; all those shortcomings could possibly make him a potential bust.



Offense: B

Defense: B-

Personality: B+

Athleticism: B