No.4 Pick Dion Waiters Cleveland Cavaliers

Comparison: Ben Gordon

Ceiling: Dwyane Wade

Floor: Kirk Synder

Potential: B+

Overall: 78


Strength: Best Attacker among perimeter players, Streaky shooter can get hot, Good Pick&Roll Player

I think everybody is a little bit scared to compare this guy with D-wade, but he does have little “Flash” in his dribble penetration. This guy knows how to get to the rim and finish. In the limited time he has seen in Cuse, he is their best player and can be electrifying from outside at times. From what I have seen, it is safe to compare him with Ben Gordon at this moment(I am wondering no such comparison has been mentioned). Streaky shooter with almost the same stroke(weird), and penetrates well in the college level, he sure has himself a intriguing package that every team coveted. Plus, standing at 6-4, he has D-wade type of body strength and has good control against contact. He does not show too much on defensive end because Cuse essentially plays zone, but he has shown flashes of steal. He needs to improve as a shooter, but one thing so rare is that he is a good catch-and-shoot player other than his ability to create his own shot. You watch Lebron and D-Wade, they are not good spot shooters. He is still much an enigma, showing flashes but there might be a reason he is not starting for this Cuse team.


How he fits in: Combo Two-guard who can shoot and penetrate, solid on D, willing passer

I like this pick a lot. People who say he goes too high might not be seeing what Cavs were seeing. Yes, he could be the next Kirk Synder(where is him). Strong, ability to penetrate, unsteady shooter, undersized, he is like that, but this kid is so efficient off the bench in Cuse, and should take pressure off Kyrie Erving. Two very good attackers, both can shoot well from deep. One lingering question is whether they can coexist long term. We saw results of Curry-Ellis dilemma. Both undersized guard have essentially similar skill sets, which may not pan out beautifully in the longer term. If they somehow figure it to work, their backcourt are set for the years to come. With another solid pick like Zeller and last no.1 pick Tristan Thompson, they have an outside shot at playoff if they find a solid wing in free agency.


Weakness: Not a sure thing, personality, Ballhog if gets hot

One thing I do not particularly like is that he occupies the ball if he got one shot or two. He fell in love with himself too often on the court, and jack up shots that drive you nuts. His personality is another big question mark. There is a reason why he is the sixth man on a roster that has arguable no equivalent talent as his.



Offense: B+

Defense: B

Athleticism: A-

Personality: B