2012-2013 Celtics Lineup Thread

It is still early, but it would be good to take a peek at new season’s lineup.


we have

1. Rondo (PG)

2. Avery Bradley (PG/SG)

3. Paul Pierce (SF)

4. Kevin Garnett (PF/C) : To me, KG is done being a dominant 4 in the league, but he revitalized his career by spending time at 5. A great shooter and passer, he will continue to be a 5 for this team to go further.

5. JuJuan Johnson (PF)

6. E’Tuan Moore (PG/SG)

7. Sean Williams (PF)

8. Jared Sullinger (PF/C)

9. Fab Melo (C)

So there are nine head counts toward next year on the roster. PG (1), SG (2), SF (1), PF (3), C(2), (not sure Kris Joseph will be signed). Let’s list some of the free agents or undrafted rookies the Celtics might want to consider,

Again obviously,

10. Ray Allen (SG)

I am huge fan of Allen. The greatest shooter ever is attracting a lot of attention. Miami Heat reportedly coveted 36-year-old veteran. I personally Allen feels home in Boston, and his relationship with teammates and coach Doc Rivers will eventually bring him back for the next two years. Celtics are able to give the most amount of money given the Bird right; the only knock on Boston is their inability to promise him a starting job, but with Allen’s age and health, I don’t really think any team would be willing to do that. Allen is a smart classy person, and he will figure it out.

Prediction: Stay

Price: 2 year $10million

11. Jeff Green (SF/PF)

Green was the guy who the Celtics got from that suicidal Perkins trade back in 2010-2011 season(they would have won the title that year no doubt). To prove his brilliance, Danny Ainge has to re-sign Green for another go-around. If the price is right, I would not mind a versatile player that can fill the void at 3 and 4, giving Pierce some spell and giving some extra scoring punch if they play small. The knock on Green is obvious: he does not have a true position, and not particularly great at any respect of the game.  He is crafty, but he is yet to find that knack that help him survive the league.

Prediction: Stay

Price: 2 year $8million (team option 2nd year)

12. Brandon Bass (PF)

Bass was such an efficient player last season. I think every Celtics would miss his sweet mid-range J if he were not to re-sign, but Bass might not make too much sense financially for the team long term. Big man gets paid, and with his ability to pound inside and ability to hit that J, he worth at least 7-8 million a year in this league. To me, he is a little bit of a defensive liability last year because his lateral quickness is relatively exposed at 4 position. Combined with his undersized tag, he is not a legitimate starter in a championship team. I would love to see him back, but the price won’t be right. There is possibility of him being used in a sign-and-trade in several scenarios. We will elaborate that later.

Prediction: Leave

Price: 4 year $30million

13. Mickael Pietrus

Pietrus is a stud. His tray almost killed the Heat this year. He has not been healthy, but he has been relentless in defense. Although you can almost make a video on the stupid mistakes he has made in the playoff that almost killed the Celtics. Had the team been eliminated in the second round, Pietrus is definitely the man out. However, if healthy, he is a productive player with great energy and bunches of sweet tray.

Prediction: Stay

Price: 1 year 2.5 million

14. Keyon Dooling

Keyon is a veteran with great leadership on this team, especially on that second unit. He is willing to come back because he loves this team just like many others, but it would be questionable if that is desirable on the Celtics’ part. The guard play will be the key next year, and I am a big fan of bringing in a gunner. Sorry, Mr. Dooling. You have been great.

Prediction: Leave

Price: 1 year 1.2 million(veteran minimum)

15. Greg Stiesma

Greg is a big part of the Celtics last year, spelling KG’s minute. He is a good shot blocker, and moves his feet well. The stats shows that he is very efficient with his limited time on the court, but with Sullinger and Melo in the fold, I don’t see the need to extend Steisma.

Prediction: Leave

Price: 4 year 6 million (partially guranteed)

Part II   Free Agent

1. O.J.Mayo

There are so much buzz about Mayo coming to Boston. I love Mayo as a player, and I think he does not reach his potential with Memphis. Apparently he cannot do that in Boston either. Mayo will likely back up PG and SG position, but that is just a waste. I don’t know he wants to be a substitute anymore. His mentality as a rotation player is what makes him struggle so much in Memphis. If Boston can bring him in for a mid-level exception, I think I would not complain, but it might be the best deal the Celtics can get.

Prediction: Signed elsewhere

Price 3 year 22 million

2. Jason Terry

Here’s why I think JT would be a perfect fit. He is the perfect candidate to back up Rondo at PG, do some work at SG and great insurance backup. He is clutch, an attacking lineup with Rondo, Terry, Allen, Pierce, KG would be the best final-execution lineup that can kill anybody. Terry’s ability to play PG is the biggest plus to this team. An extra ball handler and sure-fire shooter would be perfect for the guard play on this team. In case of any injury, JT could fill in and won’t hurt the team. Allen can play SF in a small lineup, but it remains unclear whether there is mutual interest between JT and the Celtics.

Prediction: 50%

Price: 3 year 18million

3. Tracy McGrady

Honestly, I think McGrady is another perfect situation on the team. While he is done with his glory day as a primere player in a team, he can play PG in the second unit and relieve some pressure at SG and SF. He still has great vision and read for the game. 15 minutes spell for Rondo/Allen/AB is exactly what the team can expect from McGrady(an pretty efficient one). He played for Rivers, too.

Prediction: 30%

Price: 1 year 1.2 million (veteran minimum)

4. Josh Smith

So much for Josh Smith. I do not like Smith on this team. He is a versatile player, and by saying that, we mean he is not particularly good at anything, and he disappears in the big moment. He is athletically gifted as a player, but he does not have the type of body to be a dominant PF, which also means KG would be spending most of the time playing center. A S&T with Bass+some marginal player for J-Smoove does not seem like a steep price, but how he fits in would be a big problem.

Prediction: 60%

Price: 2 year 25million (left on contract)

Part III Summary

PG: Rondo/JT(Mayo)

SG: AB/Allen/Moore

SF: Pierce/Green/Pietrus(Joseph)

PF: Sullinger/JJ/(Williams)

C: KG/Melo

If trade for J-Smoove happens,

PG: Rondo/JT(Mayo)

SG: AB/Allen

SF: Pierce/Green/Pietrus(Joseph)

PF: Smith/Sullinger

C: KG/Melo

July 14

11 days has past in this free agency period. The Celtics has made some very solid moves, and impressive play in summer league by some of the draftees and undraftees have inserted excitement in the Celtic Nation. Let’s start with the result of my predictions, and oh boi, is it not intriguing. Ray Allen, my favorite player, decided to take his talent to South Beach. I do not want to put my finger on it, but it stunned me, and is still hard to believe Ray Ray to put on a Heat uniform. I like the JT signing, very solid. As I said, JT adds so much to the guard play because he is so versatile at guard position. A proven shooter with above-average handle, above average vision and most importantly clutch, JT will be well embraced by fans. MAKE IT FLY!!!!!!! JT!!We signed back Brandon Bass with a very reasonable price and resigned Green with a likely hefty deal. Bass is solid, and he is undervalued. I would have thought he would at least get a 3-4 yr deal that worth 28 million. All the tight bond discount on Bass disappeared when the Celtics, Danny Ainge, tries to sign Jeff Green for a reportedly 4 yr 36-40 million deal. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. If he were to be given that contract, I have a reason to believe if T-mac takes a year off to repair his knee, someone should dish out a max deal for him. However, beyond that, it is good news. Chris Wilcox is solid before he went down, so I would not mind his minimum salary at all. Summer league action has proven the Celtics was one of the biggest winner in this tricky mind game. Sully has been solid, and shows ability to post up down low. Melo is more athletic, moves better than I thought. Kris Joseph, to be quoted, is “Poor Man’s Paul Pierce”. Other players like Moore and JJJ have been on and off, and shows ability to crack the rotation next year. Dionte Christmas was impressive as well. So let’s round up the rosters.

PG: Rondo/Moore


SF: PP/Green/Joseph

PF: Bass/Sully/JJJ

C: KG/Wilcox/Melo

So we already have 13 bodies on the team(Cut Sean Williams). It is a good mix up with youth, athleticism and speed, but as DA said, he is not done. The Celtics has been flirting with C. Lee, Dahntay Jones, Raja Bell as a two guard to start in place of AB at the beginning of the reason.

If we ST C. Lee, we are likely to give up JJJ, Moore/Joseph, and picks to make it work. That cuts it down to 12. With pieces here and there, I am assuming Dooling would return in this case, and Pietrus is also a likely candidate, the Celtics would be up at 14 or 15.

Overall, it is a good roster, and very competitive in the next year.

7/21 update

Like I expected, some sort of S-T happened. Celtics used MLE on JT and S T C.Lee with JJJ, Moore, WIlliams, Pavlovic and a trio of second round picks. To me, it’s worth it even though the 4 yr contract kind of scratch my head a bit. 5 million is still within the reasonable range. So A new look at the lineup,
G: Rondo/ Lee/ AB/ Terry

SF: Pierce/ Green/ Joseph

PF: Bass/ Sully

C: KG/WIlcox/ Melo

Given AB is out for the beginning of the season, Dionte Christmas impressive run in the summer league should earn him not only an invitation but a non-guaranteed contract at least. Another big is needed. Steamer is probably out of range financially, and it comes down to a very narrow list. Collions, Pryzbilla, and sorts are not very desirable, but they are what is left in the hunting. It is not a great need, but it definitely would increase the insurance at the center position.
Personally I think MP would be a good fit, he would be in front of Joseph in the depth chart, and he will also be primarily used as a stretch 4. He has proven that he can guard 4, and behind Bass, he can provide continuity in offense and he is solid on D. Dooling should be back. I like his demeanor, and he did not play that bad either. Good rotation player who can fills in for Rondo, and locker room chemistry guy is always welcomed.

So as it pans out,

Guard Rotation: Rondo(36 mins) /AB (22 mins)/ JT (25 mins)/ C. Lee (22 mins) /Dooling/Christmas

SF: Pierce(30mins)/Green(25mins)/ MP (10mins)

PF: Bass (25mins)/ Sully (5mins)

C: KG (30mins)/WIlcox(10mins)/Melo

Sounds like a plan.